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QEnergy™ Management System

QEnergy™ Dashboard

The QEnergy™ Management Dashboard, available on both mobile app and web browser, uses the latest technology including AI and Machine Learning to provide you with real-time alerts on your businesses energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions. Connect your site(s) and its assets to the dashboard such as energy metres, battery storage, solar panels, E.V Chargers and Heat-Pumps  to see accurate data on asset performance, operational efficiencies, and new revenue streams. Monitor the results, download energy and carbon data for ESOS, SECR reporting GHG Emissions Recording and get Net-Zero accreditation from using your energy management dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Manage Energy Portfolio: Take control of your portfolio of sites, carbon footprint, and consumption.

  • Carbon Tracking and Management: Track and manage emissions to effectively reduce your carbon footprint. Monitor your progress towards achieving sustainability goals.
  • Live Energy Data Feed: Access real-time energy data for electricity and gas supplies. Stay informed about your energy usage patterns and identify potential areas for improvement.

  • QEnergy™ Dashboard enables easy monitoring of diverse energy systems, providing cost-effective asset utilisation insights and supporting standard protocols, while QEnergy™ Dashboard optimises HVAC systems and offers sub-metering solutions for detailed energy data.
  • Compatible with all On-Site Asset Management and Reporting: Effectively manage and report on-site assets such as heat pumps, EV chargers, generation assets, and battery storage. Optimise their performance and identify opportunities for efficiency.
  • Reduce costs and carbon: Our AI driven platform is linked to your energy tariff to exploit periods of cheaper electricity throughout the day and night, allowing you to review your energy costs and usage at all times. Ensure accurate billing, identify potential savings and avoid importing electricity during high carbon intensity periods from the grid.
  • Earn income effortlessly with ESO’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS). Our platform automates load control on your flexible assets, intelligently adjusting energy usage during specific demand flexibility windows to ensure you maximise earnings without any hassle.(Please note, when participating in DFS, you can only be registered with one DFS Participant at a time. If a consumer subsequently signs up to another Registered DFS Participant, they will no longer be eligible to participate in DFS with the previous Registered DFS Participant with whom they were previously signed up to.)

By utilising these features, you can effectively reduce costs, track and reduce carbon emissions, and make data-driven decisions to achieve Net-Zero accreditation.

Experience the Power of Q Energy’s Dashboard Today

Embrace Q Energy’s Dashboard and let technology empower you on your journey towards a greener and more efficient lifestyle. Click here to log in if you already have login details or contact us today at – call 0161 706 0980 to organise a demo and learn how we could set up the QEnergy™ Dashboard for your needs.

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