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QEnergy™ Dashboard

QEnergy™ Dashboard

The QEnergy™ Management Dashboard, available on both mobile app and web browser, uses the latest technology including AI and Machine Learning to provide you with real-time alerts on your businesses energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions. Connect your site(s) and its assets to the dashboard such as energy meters, battery storage, solar panels, E.V Chargers and Heat-Pumps  to see accurate data on asset performance, operational efficiencies, and new revenue streams. Monitor the results, download energy and carbon data for ESOS, SECR reporting GHG Emissions Recording and get Net-Zero accreditations from using your energy management dashboard. 

Features Include 

  • Manage your energy portfolio’s costs, carbon and consumption
  • Carbon tracking and management for scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
  • Live energy data feed for electricity and gas supplies
  • On site asset management and reporting, including heat pumps, EV chargers, generation assets and battery storage
  • Bill validation – our platform is linked up to your energy tariff so you can review your energy costs and usage at all times.

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