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30 Jan
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Top 5 Reasons to Replace your Old Gas Boiler with a New Heat Pump!

For a smoother transition to decarbonisation and to meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero targets, Heat pumps are rising in popularity

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05 Nov
Report from Q Energy shows over 50% of Greater Manchester businesses have no awareness of the UK’s Net-Zero ambitions
Over 50% of Greater Manchester businesses have no awareness of the UK’s Net-Zero ambitions

As COP26 continues in Glasgow a recent report of Greater Manchester businesses showed an alarming lack of awareness of the UK’s net-zero ambitions.

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21 Jun
How Energy Availability Changes a Lifestyle – UK vs. Nigeria

Electricity plays a huge part in our everyday lives. Our daily routines rely heavily on the use of electricity, but what would happen if one day we didn’t have access to it?

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21 Apr
Carbon Jargon Made Easy

We know all the Carbon Jargon can be a little overwhelming at times and it’s easy to forget what means what, so we have put together simplified definitions of all the Carbon Jargon you need to know...

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15 Jun
Remote energy management of buildings during COVID-19
Reducing costs of running buildings during times of reduced occupancy while meeting the demands of health and safety.

In light of the COVID-19 situation a growing number of commercial buildings have been sitting empty during the past few months

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06 Mar
Manchester City Centre, Uk
Smart Local Energy Markets – The formula for Net Zero?

To kickstart the creation of smart local energy systems, the Department of Energy (BEIS) has awarded £25.5 million through UKRI to fund research & demonstration projects.

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19 Dec
UK-Nigeria Energy Catalyst Project
UK-Nigeria Energy Catalyst Project Kicks off in Manchester

Our UK-Nigeria Energy catalyst project kicked-off in November and is called NICE (Nigeria Intelligent Clean Energy marketplace).

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19 Dec
QBots Energy Successfully Completes First Phase of Government’s New Efficiency Services Project

The Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency (BASEE) competition has been developed as part of the UK Government’s proposals

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25 Jun
Manchester based technology business wins £2.2 million smart energy systems demonstrator project

Qbots Energy is the project lead of this smart energy services demonstrator project called ENERGY-IQ, focussed on the SMEs sector serving

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26 Sep
World Economic Forum Greater Manchester Delegation

During September our Managing Director, Dr Li Yao was privileged to have joined GMCA Mayor Andy Burnham to represent Greater Manchester

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