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Meet the Team

Posted by: Daniella Smith
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Our team is the heart and soul of Q Energy, therefore it was a must that we dedicate a blog which is ALL ABOUT THEM. Meet our Q Energy Team!

alex slater

Alex Slater

Business Development Manager

For Alex every day is different, he is the ad-hoc of the company. Primarily he heads up the sales operation and deals with new business enquiries. He works on partnership agreements, seeks new opportunities as well as being an auditor and data partner communicator. Alex loves “the daily challenges, which are ever growing and dynamic”, he finds it “easy to work for a company who is doing something important, which makes my day-to-day much more enjoyable.” Apart from working Alex enjoys keeping up-to-date with current and foreign affairs, is very philosophical and can even eat a large pizza to himself in under 6 minutes.


Andy Worthington

Energy Systems Delivery Manager

Andy knows his stuff when it comes to building management. He manages projects, international relations, site surveys, sources new and upcoming technology, and is a top solution provider. Andy evaluates urban areas and looks at how they operate during the day alongside creating tailored system upgrades and enhancements for future clients. Andy loves to meet our clients, customer-facing is his forte. Andy says “the beauty of Q Energy is that everyone here is customer-centric. All of us focus on our clients because without them we would never be able to move forward”. When Andy isn’t talking with our clients, he's either traveling, performing with his band as a bassist, or playing vinyls. Apart from being a Part-Time rock God playing in Medusa Andy raised £1000 for Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing a pink babygrow in the office for a full day.


Barnaby King

Innovation and Technology Analyst

Barnaby has a rounded overview in various fields and specialises in Renewable Energy Engineering. Barnaby bridges the gap between the energy sector and Q Energy by integrating technology into the National Grid System. Barnaby uses his mystic skills to make predictions and tailor our business strategies to meet the needs of future trends, which he states are “emerging opportunities which will shape the future”. Barnaby loves that we provide “the whole package, helping the customer and implementing cutting edge technologies into the SME market”. Baranaby is fascinated by all cultures. He even spent a year living in a Tribal Village in Ghana.


Daniella Smith

Marketing and PR Executive

Daniella is also one of our newest members here at Q Energy. Daniella works on how we can get our company's core values and goals into concise messaging for our target market. Daniella defines her role as “translating intrinsic details of the company into simplistic extrinsic marketing plans.” She is a research driven individual who brings creative twists and ideas whenever possible. Daniella has a background in Marketing and Nutrition and can’t wait to create an impact on the energy industry. Daniella loves all things outdoors, apart from the time she had her ear bitten into by a Capuchin monkey and shared a room with a bat.


George Bartley

Smart Energy Systems Consultant

George manages our financial modelling and provides techno-economic options for developers whilst obtaining required funding, grants, capital or loans. George enjoys bringing new ideas to fruition as well as seeking novel solutions. George “loves the feeling when we complete a project after endless modelling and prototyping.” George stays motivated by knowing he is part of the energy revolution which is working towards achieving Net Zero and identifying the ‘Sweet Spots’ of a particular market. George knows that “data-driven technology is the way forward.” On the weekend, George enjoys wine tasting and hopes to one day fulfil his dream of becoming a Master of Wine. George knows consistency is key and makes sure to practise every weekend.


James Pickering

Lead Front End Developer

James works on our SME and Enterprise Dashboards by designing and building react components which are used to present our application programming interfaces (APIs). James provides insights to the rest of the team through data and works on A/B testing for Energy Savers Club. James is a natural solution finder and, “gets a kick from solving problems, as there is always a solution and I enjoy the process in finding it.” James also has a great eye for detail, strong copywriting skills and extensive experience in IT Web Development. For all the 90s Brit Pop lovers out there, eat your heart out because James met Rick Witter and the rest of Shed seven at a party.


Jevin Mathew

Project Manager

Jevin specialises in Computer Science Engineering and International Business Management and works on our projects which helps underprivileged communities. Jevin achieves this by monitoring project logistics, and extrapolating relevant information to create new ideas on how to give back to the community. Jevin managed our Urban-X project. Jevin defines himself as an environmentalist because he feels “this planet is not just ours, but as humans, it’s our responsibility to take care of it” and he knows “Q energy has great potential because we innovate whilst saving the planet”. Jevin enjoys knowing that his work is helping to grow such a “morally sound business”. One day Jevin hopes to see his name up there with the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk.


Khoa Van Hoang

Technical Lead, CTO

Khoa loves all this technology and is the man behind the ideas aka the execution man. Khoa works full-time at Q Energy whilst doing a part-time PHD in Network Security at The University of Manchester. Khoa knows “clean communication is key” when it comes to working in Product Development. Khoa believes in Q Energy’s goal and knows “It's a win-win for everyone” and said the best part about Q Energy is “that we can provide a say in every department and thus Q Energy is a collective effort.” Khoa is the definition of globalisation as he was born in Russia, went to secondary school in Vietnam and moved to the UK for higher education.


Li Yao

Founder, MD

Li is the founder and managing director of Q Energy. Li has a PHD in Computer Science and extensive experience in Smart and IoT technologies. Li’s background is in banking, technology development of smart cities, data analytics and innovation. It’s with this journey that drove Li in starting a firm based on tech and innovation. Li knows “with increasing smart devices and data becoming available in the energy sector, AI combined with innovative business models will re-shape this industry”. Li loves all things tech, and has even been awarded as one of the Top 5 Asian Tech Stars in 2018.

Louis Heywood

Project Manager

Louis focuses on various aspects of the business. He’s the reason we keep projects moving, hitting deadlines and achieving targets. Louis also works on product development, inbound lead generation and relationship management. Louis managed our BASEE Project, which focused on SMEs improving their energy efficiency. He loves “the people who work here at Q Energy, as everyone gets to chime in and get noticed”, Louis believes that Q Energy depicts innovation and its an industry of the future. Louis’ talents don’t just stop there, he is renowned for being able to cook minute rice in an impressive 59 seconds.


Luis Miguel

UI/ UX designer

Luis has a background in Network administration and first joined Q energy as an Intern and now works here full-time. Luis works on the Design of our websites and his main goal is to create a user-friendly interface. Luis spends a lot of his time taking on feedback and creating several solutions until we reach a presentable result. Luis loves designing, using photoshop as well as creating illustrations and graphics. Luis loves to put the ‘work hard and play hard’ idiom into practise, so when he’s not at work he’s either partying or at the gym. Luis once showered in the ladies changing room, claiming he thought it was the males.


Nima Fernando

Business Analyst

Nima focuses on how to best improve our systems and business processes, whilst factoring in the needs and requirements of all our team members. Her role requires constant communication with employees in order to have complete understanding of each job role. Nima accumulates specifics to outline any grey areas or how to best expand particular aspects of Q Energy. Nima turns ideas into realistic and achievable goals. With 8 years of experience in business consultancy, product management, software development and engineering, Nima is knowledgeable on how businesses best achieve their goals. Nima never stops smiling and knows a smile can go a long way, she states “when in doubt, just smile.”


Vijay Natarajan

Co-Founder and COO

Vijay is a Co-founder of Q Energy and undoubtedly is tasked with many jobs, to name a few he manages: our team, strategy planning, new product development, maintains client and partnership relations, whilst making sure we hit Q Energy’s goals, missions and vision. Vijay helps to keep the business running smoothly and moving forward. Vijay’s favourite area in the business is Product strategy and New Market Models, i.e., energy as a service, local energy trading and digital energy services. Vijay enjoys making connections with people across the globe and is partial to latin dancing, yoga and long drives.


Zhen Cai

Software Developer

Zhen is our back end developer and is responsible for all our data transfer and script processing which he then translates into our databases for API’s. He then consolidates these APIs into written values and calculations. Zhen creates accounts for our new buildings/ partners and looks for ways how they can be aesthetically developed. Zhen enjoys new challenges and the freedom that comes with working at Q energy, “I either learn new things or use my current knowledge to improve problem areas, which I can achieve using my favoured learning methods.” Zhen expected to have learnt English at school but in actuality learnt English through playing video games with his friends.


Alex Laulik

Commercial Sales Executive

Alex is one of our latest additions to the team. He has a strong background in sales and thrives in customer interaction. He values Q Energy for its honest and transparent business model and loves that he can work with several suppliers and thus provide the best energy plan for our clients at that particular time. He stays motivated by knowing his work is helping to build up Q energy’s customer base. Alex specialises in Environmental Management and Monitoring and has a background in Zoology. Alex loves everything about animals and owns a Corn Snake named Kellogg, Leopard Gecko named Glenroy and Leopard tortoise named Torty!

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