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BVS smart energy systems design

BVS smart energy systems design

Bolton Victoria Square is a high-profile development and has the potential to provide the blueprint for future Net Zero Carbon (NZC) buildings in the North West region with the addition of “Smart Energy Systems” by adopting the Qbots’ pathway to energy independence.

By adopting this approach, Bolton Regeneration Ltd (BRL) can realise a higher yielding investment due to the attractiveness of the proposition to potential investors, tenants & residents. The proposition strengthens  BRL’s sustainability credentials and positions the company to increase their success rate for future public sector projects.

Additional benefits include: a predicted 30-40% reduction in energy procurement costs; new revenue streams from energy supply and greater energy independence resulting in security of supply. All these benefits will also propel Bolton Council forward to meet its carbon reduction targets.

Case details

Client name:
Bolton Regeneration Limited
Bolton, Greater Manchester
Sept 2019
Nov 2019
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