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QBots Energy Successfully Completes First Phase of Government’s New Efficiency Services Project

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Brief About The BASEE Project Initiative

The Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency (BASEE) competition has been developed as part of the UK Government’s proposals to meet the stretching ambition set out in the Clean Growth Strategy to support businesses to improve their energy efficiency by at least 20% by 2030. 

Helping Businesses with following challenges:

  • Lack of economies of scale – By reducing the cost of energy bill, SMEs can bring down their overall cost of delivering their product
  • High transaction costs – Reducing time and effort required to research about energy efficiency.
  • SME engagement and access to information – Bringing awareness to energy efficiency.
  • Lack of coordination between providers – Bridging the gap between the business and energy efficiency provider.
  • High upfront capital costs – Reduce high start-up cost and long payback periods by suggesting an energy efficiency that’s best fit for a particular business.
  • External finance – Related to capital costs, this helps businesses to attain external finance since it is more cost effective and a commercially viable option.

Qbots wins the BASEE Competition

The competition was to make available £6m of funding for innovative, scalable business models or solutions that facilitate investment for small energy efficiency retrofit/refurbishment projects in commercial and industrial buildings in the UK. 

BASEE awarded one of its contract to qEnergy. It is run by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and aim to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency measures by SMEs. We are a consortium of three partners: Q-Energy, Energy Systems Catapult and Leapfrog Finance, supported by Bristol Energy and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

How QBots can help SMEs with BASEE

Our Solution

Q-Energy delivers upto 30% savings on energy bills by switching you to a dynamic energy tariff and optimising your energy use throughout the day.

It also aids businesses to adopt renewable energy & reduce carbon emissions using energy efficient technologies, which includes smart heating controls, battery storage and Solar.

Direct benefits to Businesses

  • Improved in-house comfort & customer experience
  • Breakdown & analysis of energy usage by device
  • Extra income by providing smart services to the energy markets
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency measures including quick wins

About Our Partners

Energy Systems Catapult

ESC is a not-for-profit research organisation working to unleash innovation in the transition to the future energy system. The Catapult bridges the gap between industry, government, academia and research. ESC are supporting the project by advising on business models and customer research.


Leapfrog is a Non-Profit and Open Source entity dedicated to the support of community energy.

Leapfrog enables positive social, environmental and financial impact for communities, in particular those in deprivation  by enabling their participation in and benefit from, an energy system in transition to lower carbon intensity.

  • Facilitating the energy transition for communities
  • Providing Finance and Funding 
  • Embedding Impact 

BASEE Awareness Event by Qbots

On 14 November, we organised the BASEE event to bring awareness to SMEs in and around the city centre of Manchester about BASEE and energy efficiency. We had guest speakers from the Manchester climate change agency, Manchester city council, business growth hub – low carbon network and energy systems catapult. In-person invitations as well as posters were printed out to invite businesses for this event. This event was made a success by the generous attendance of 30 personnel. 

We had a brief presentation on energy saving measures that can be adopted by SMEs including quick wins, information & funding for solar and battery storage; an explanation and demonstration of the yet to be launched qEnergy service offering for SMEs; a chance to ask questions and share ideas/comments; networking, nibbles and refreshments. 

Our attendees also got a demo of the smart devices that helps in reducing the energy cost and as well get to play with our dashboard that helps business owners to reduce energy consumption and also to calculate how much of the cost of electricity bill they are saving. 

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