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Introduction to Qbots Energy

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How it Started?

Introducing Qbots, an smart energy tech startup based in Innospace, Manchester. Qbots started in May of 2017, with Dr. Li Yao and Vijay Natarajan with the goal of bringing new capabilities in data processing and analytics to the energy industry while taking advantage of advancement in energy storage solutions.

After being accepted onto Exeter City Future’s Accelerator Programme in June,  Li and Vijay were able to start turn the concept of energy storage into a reality.

ECF gave us the platform and help we needed. We received great opportunities being part of ECF such as meeting with Exeter City Council to look at different sites where they already had solar installed, from this we did a feasibility and impact analysis report . We created a detailed design for one of the sites -Livestock centre with a 500 KW /500 kWh of Li-ion battery storage system. Throughout the time at ECF we were working towards Demo Day, where we were able to showcase a prototype version of our system with an attractive dashboard.

What is Qbots?

Here is a run down of what it actually is that we do here at Qbots.

  • QBots provides a smart energy management system which can be used by building owners/energy managers to optimise their electricity consumption by utilising battery storage
  • QBots system uses unique Artificial intelligence based algorithms that works for individual businesses, adapting to their energy needs.
  • The services include deployment of QBots platform, with battery storage and/or Solar PV projects

Our Goals?

We are passionate about intelligent energy systems and want to share our passion with the world. Starting here in Manchester we hope to reach out to as many businesses as possible to help them reap the value of energy storage with great savings on their energy bill and revenues!

Whats Next?

We are currently very busy at Qbots working on new projects. We are excited to share more details with you soon!

New clients in Manchester, Research and Development Lab in Exeter and V2G (Vechicle to Grid)

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