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Currently, in the UK only 45% of the electricity bill is made up of actual energy costs. The rest is made of various charges based on when you use the energy and government levies. This situation is set to get worse as the UK tries to meet decarbonisation targets through existing centralised grid infrastructure, along with the growth of renewables, electric vehicles and electric heating. This global challenge is currently being addressed in several countries including the US, UK, Australia & Europe.

Q Energy’s mission is to set up and operate Federated Virtual Power Plants (FPP) that aggregate and utilise flexibility in consumer demand along with renewables & battery storage to enable localised energy trading and balancing, creating smart local energy systems of the future.

QEnergy™ provides peak power reduction and energy optimisation for buildings, with Artificial Intelligence based model on each site ensuring that the thermal comfort of tenants and any process requirements are maintained while turning up/down individual systems in the building. By providing the technology to intelligently control the site’s energy demand in response to the requirements from the electricity network, QEnergy™ unlocks the value of flexibility in consumer’s energy consumption and gets the best returns for renewable generation, energy storage, and EV battery assets on-site. 

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