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NHS Manchester University Care Home

Manchester University Foundation Trust Implements Local Clean Energy Marketplace with QEnergy™


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, had a pressing need to decarbonise its operations and reduce major operational costs. They sought a solution that would help them achieve their sustainability goals and mitigate energy expenses while ensuring a reliable and clean energy supply for their facilities. QEnergy™ platform.


QEnergy™ consulted the customer and collected past energy data from their current supplier. We advised on sizing of battery storage and gave a high level proposal with upfront cost and payback for installing battery storage in 12 of their sites, 75 KW/156 KWh in total with a 5.2 years payback. After getting initial approval, we arranged site surveys to provide a final proposal with an upfront cost of £75,000 including installation. To take up this, the customer had to switch their energy contract through QEnergy™, with one of our partner energy suppliers who is 100% renewable. The battery storage systems were then installed on-site and the dashboard with logins for multiple users were set-up for the customer. Quick-win energy efficiency recommendations were provided through the dashboard. The customer was able to track the reduction in energy usage (KWh), carbon footprint and income from battery storage.


To address the customer’s needs, BCEGI, in partnership with QEnergy™, proposed the implementation of a Local Clean Energy Marketplace (LCEM). The LCEM is a comprehensive energy strategy that utilises renewable energy sources, advanced technology, and smart controls to create a sustainable and cost-effective energy system.

The key components of the solution include:

  • Installation of heat pumps, battery storage, and smart controls at Opal House, one of the Trust’s facilities.
  • Implementation of the QEnergy™ platform to monitor and manage the energy system, including demand flexibility and energy storage optimization.
  • Integration of a heat network to distribute clean heating and cooling sourced from a ground heat collector array.
  • Provision of EV charging infrastructure, including the use of Easee charging systems for efficient load sharing and reduced infrastructure costs.


By switching to market compared tariff, the customer saved over £5,500 on their energy bill.

  • By utilising the QEnergy™ dashboard for energy management they were able to save 3.5% on their energy bills in the first year, worth £22,610.
  • The battery storage systems installed delivered £14,500 of income in the first year.
  • 31,300 kg of CO2eq saved in one year.
  • The battery storage installed was used in backup mode for 2 hours in one of the care homes providing resilience to the care home group.


If your organisation is facing pressure to meet sustainability goals or seeking solutions to reduce energy costs, QEnergy™ encourages you to reach out and learn more about their services. QEnergy™ is ready to provide assistance and discuss how their offerings can support your sustainability objectives and help mitigate energy expenses. They can help you develop a customised energy strategy and implement solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact QEnergy™ today to explore the possibilities of a cleaner and more cost-effective energy future.


For a free analysis and consultation to work out savings you could be making and to develop a strategy for Net Zero, please get in touch with us.

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Client name:
Manchester Foundation Trust
Wythenshawe, Manchester
January 2022
December 2022
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